The Roadmap Report Card

Purpose of the Roadmap Report Card

This instrument is designed to provide a process to assist communities working on enhancing their crisis system to assess their current status on each of the elements of an “ideal crisis system” and to help prioritize next steps.

Scoring the Report Card

All items are scored on a 1 – 5 scale. The scale reflects a complete continuum ranging from non-existent/not started in our community through fully implemented and functioning well.


These may be useful in assigning a score on individual items:

  1. Not started and/or not on our radar and/or if interest does exist in moving on this, barriers seen as too overwhelming to make it worthwhile to put any energy into moving forward; just getting started
  2. At least some awareness of this as a desirable goal within our system, and/or initial efforts to explore implementation, but no actual movement or specific plans yet; making initial progress
  3. Active steps that are beginning the process toward implementation; early stages of implementation or about halfway there
  4. Active steps being taken toward full implementation, but still incomplete, with intent to implement further; substantial progress
  5. Implemented in our system in a manner that is functioning well; nearly complete or completed

Tips on Scoring and Using This Report Card

Keep in mind this is not an exact science; not all items will fit neatly with the specific anchors suggested above. In general, if you find yourself between two scores (which will happen commonly) choose the lower score. This may prompt you to set the higher score as a short or intermediate term goal.

Also remember that there is neither a “perfect score” for the instrument as a whole or a “right answer” for individual items. The goal is to ensure that stakeholders are aware of each of the specific aspects or ingredients of an ideal crisis system and have a common language and a process by which to discuss and assess where their community is at with regard to each of these. Hopefully, this can be used to assist in goal setting (short-, medium- and long-term) and prioritization.

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